Chapter 1 resources 

credit card and vin practice handout.pdf credit card and vin practice handout.pdf
Size : 154.269 Kb
Type : pdf

Chapter 2 resources 

Chapter 3 resources 

 Chapter 4 resources 

 Chapter 5 resources 

Example of how to put a quadratic problem into your calculator.  The parentheses are key! Answer = 1.

Need more time to solve the review cards.  Your prayers have been answered!  There are 2 PDF's of the cards to practice below.  One is cards 1-20 and the other is cards 21-40.  Enjoy!

These are the review topics of the cards by number, focus on the ones you need help with first, then finish the others later.  Your goal should be to complete all of the cards. 

cards_1-20.pdf cards_1-20.pdf
Size : 2640.729 Kb
Type : pdf
cards_21-40.pdf cards_21-40.pdf
Size : 2469.666 Kb
Type : pdf

Chapter 7 resources 

ch_7_qz_rvw_videos_handout.pdf ch_7_qz_rvw_videos_handout.pdf
Size : 352.03 Kb
Type : pdf
ch7_test_rev_key_2019.pdf ch7_test_rev_key_2019.pdf
Size : 66.537 Kb
Type : pdf

               Data Analysis resources 

Standard deviation hw(3-12).pdf Standard deviation hw(3-12).pdf
Size : 231.631 Kb
Type : pdf

Chapter 9 resources

Chapter 8 Resources 

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