Listed below are the topics that will be on your final exam.  Please DO NOT PANIC!  All of the problems are the easier types for each topic.  Many of the items from the beginning we have still been applying.  You will survive! I chose topics that we either haven't done in a while or that are a little more difficult and posted videos of them for you to study. Let me know if you have any questions.  May the Final exam be ever in your favor.

Decimal to percent

Is/of = percent/100

Percent increase/decrease


Simple interest

Solutions of equations

Solving systems 

Complex Fractions

Sum of interior/exterior angels

Area of rectangle

Volume of cylinder

Surface area of prism

Pythagorean Theorem

Special triangles

Simplifying radicals 


Solving Quadratic Equations

Distance Rate problems

Work Rate problems

Simplifying expressions

Evaluate expressions

Order of operations

Solve equations/inequalities

Variable expressions

Simplifying expressions

Absolute values

Exponent rules

Fraction operations

Items in blue were not specifically covered in class and will be offered as extra credit on the final exam 

Solving equations & inequalities



Parallel lines/angles

Perimeters of quadrilaterals

Sum of angles in triangles & quadrilaterals


Measures of central tendancy

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